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Version: 14.x

Width: 1280px

Equipment: template, detailed instructions

AnimeBase is a very cool, beautiful, modern, adaptive anime template for DLE with excellent functionality, nice features and a great perception for the user.



-- adaptive design

-- the template doesn't use font icons, instead it uses svg icons for faster rendering

-- distributed js load, css added functions for deferred loading of this data

-- made favicons for many devices

-- the SEO template is structured

-- offline page

-- separate page 404 errors

-- design of the top 100

-- ready-made design for the filter module (no module included)

-- ready-made design for the module of auto-filled collections (the module is not included)

-- calendar function in the sidebar

-- current top news for the day

-- new ajax custom switch to reduce load

-- change the type of short news with remembering the choice

-- very convenient and informative designed home page

-- top commentators

-- site updates grouped by date

-- a very convenient sidebar that contains blocks (output of random anime, additional menu, block with ajax switching with top news (tops with standard DLE tools), ongoings calendar, top commentators, new comments, trailers)

-- output of the trailers block without loading the video until the user clicks on the play

-- separate short and full news design for news, video, and Zen

-- when you hover over a short news poster, a window with additional information POPs up

-- developed an interesting rating bar with output depending on the ratings of the text notification

-- fully implemented the notification

-- a block with the output of the latest viewed news

-- implemented a cool image gallery

-- ability to return from any page to the last viewed anime

-- very well developed full news, maximum information for the user

--- block add to lists by type, look, I will look

--- a block with information about how much time is left until the next episode is released

--- informative rating

--- the video in the player is not loaded until the user clicks on the play

- - - movie theater mode for the player

--- output of the last 4 users who added the news to their bookmarks

--- deductibles are withdrawn using the usual means via custom

--- if a comment has a negative rating, a corresponding notification is displayed

-- displaying bookmarks in your profile

-- very cool mobile version of the template

and much more watch videos and screenshots

Тематика: Аниме Кино | Стиль: 3 цветовые схемы


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