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Gambling is just beginning to gain momentum and will remain popular at all times.

This script is presented in the design of the original IZZI website.

Description of the system:

The best offer for your business is the ECS online casino system created by our developers.

ECS is a modern engine that embodies all the ideas and wishes of millions of customers.

Weekly updates of the system will allow your business to always be protected.

And the possibility of upgrading the system with additions and new slots will make your customers come back to you again and again.

The system has a very large functionality, but at the same time it has a very clear and easy interface.

Excellent optimization and fast loading of page content will also delight your customers.

You have the opportunity to connect to 42 providers, which at this stage have a total of 3619 slots.

All providers and slots are already integrated into the system, after the purchase we connect you to our partner's CDN servers and you are assigned a client number.

The client's number will be registered in the casino's administrative panel in the providers section and it will be used by the partner to provide support.

You will be able to activate an affiliate program for your casino using a special module.

All your partners will be able to earn with you and view statistics directly on the casino website.

All slots from leading providers will be loaded from the servers of our partners, which will reduce the load on your server and minimize the risks with the fall and unavailability of your server. They also take full responsibility for the availability and operability of the software.

You can also purchase any of the following providers if you wish to physically place all the slot machines on your server.

Website design:

The website design has adaptive PC and mobile versions of the website

You can purchase any design on our website and easily implement it by following the instructions

Admin Capabilities:

Bonuses to players or an individual player - for a deposit under a wager, it can be % on deposit, free spins or money

Full control of each player and each of his bets

Withdrawal of the most active players and an auto bot for awarding them bonuses

Processing of requests for withdrawal of money

Creating pages with a built-in code editor

Creating tournaments by player statuses

Creation of lotteries, promotions and sweepstakes

Creating promo codes

Creating Jackpots

Sending emails to players

Sending messages to your personal email on the website

Connecting managers

Connecting modules

Full control of games, both by providers and individually

Monitoring map

Ban on registration from certain countries by IP

System update in two clicks

And much more...

Additional features:

Online Support Chat

Registration of players (API - by phone number )

Authorization of players (API - by phone number )

Recovery of a forgotten password (API - by phone number)


















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