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Вы приобретаете неисключительную лицензию. Что это такое?

Вы приобретаете исключительную лицензию. Что это такое?

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A Soccer Video Template for Datalife Engine Version 10.x and also adapted for other and all recent DLE version.

This Template is self-developped and designed used before on own site (Now it's Offline)

You can use this template for Football Video Site and also with Streaming Football shows Integration with countdown and much ateractive option. also can add more option and develop the template by request from the buyer**

- Team Logo

- Competition logo

- Shortstory background

- Sweat design

- Smartphone theme adaptation avalaible

- Event Countdown

- Hide event from main event table after game-ends automatically

- Extrafields file organised and easy to use

- Demo version ready to use and to easy to install

- Documentation files for how to install theme and backup demo version

- Free updates for 1 year (Gift)

- Free support for 1 year (including in install cms package)**

... and much more features

You can ask for a live demo

** This option is avalaible only with cms install package.

Тематика: Медиа Спорт и рыбалка | Стиль: Адаптивный дизайн

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